Which Interior Paint is Best

Which Interior Paint is Best

One of the most important decisions you’ll make when painting your home interior is deciding which paint to use. There are a lot of factors that go into this decision, from color and coverage to durability and type. In today’s post, we’re going to cover some of these key areas in more detail so you can make an informed choice on what paint best suits your needs.

Interior paint is a big deal for homeowners. It can make or break the look and feel of any room in your house. We all want to make sure we select the right paint for our needs, but it’s not always easy to know which type of paint will work best on your walls. So before you go out and buy gallons of paint at the store, let me help you with some important questions about interior paints so you’ll be able to select the perfect one!

Flat Finish or Matte Finish

This one is the simplest of all paint finishes. It has no shine or luster, giving it a chalky appearance. This type of paint is perfect for hiding imperfections well such as nail holes. It’s also great for bedrooms, living rooms, or family rooms since there isn’t a lot of glare in these areas. The one downfall of this finish, it is not best suited for high-traffic areas that will require a lot of cleaning. This finish does not have the greatest durability and does not respond well to cleaning products.

Semi-Gloss Finish

This interior paint is just slightly shinier than the flat finish, but it’s not quite as glossy or wet looking either. Semi-gloss paint has decent durability and hides dirt well, making it ideal for most rooms like hallways, bathrooms, or kitchens. It works best on smooth surfaces like drywall, wood, or masonry. You should be careful using semi-gloss paint on real wood as it can leave a yellowish tint over time. This paint is also mildew resistant, which makes it great for rooms that can collect a lot of moisture. When opting for a semi-gloss finish, try to choose an acrylic latex-based paint.

High Gloss Finish

 This interior paint is the most glossy and wet-looking finish you can get as well as one of the most durable finishes available for your home. It’s perfect for kitchens, pantries, doors, and trim. You can also use it in areas where there will be a lot of foot traffic, such as hallways and formal living rooms because it stands up great for cleaning products. You won’t have any issues washing and scrubbing this paint. It works well on almost all surfaces but is not ideal for textured walls, so keep that in mind when shopping for paint.

Eggshell Finish

This is one of the most popular finishes for interior walls because it’s easy to clean and has a decent durability. It works great on all surfaces, but it might not be best suited for high-traffic areas like halls or formal living spaces because it can scratch easily. The easiest way to remember this is that eggshells are fragile! This paint is also good for kitchens and bathrooms!

Satin Finish

 Satin is a great interior paint due its durability and it’s also easy to clean. It works well with the most common interior surface types, including drywall, wood, or masonry. This paint is easy to clean, however, you want to make sure not to scrub too hard as it can lose its sheen. Also, this paint can show brush strokes easily when applied, especially when not laid down by a professional paint contractor. Satin is very commonly used in bathrooms!

Latex Paint

The most commonly used for interior painting projects. These paints often have a low odor from having less volatile organic compounds, also known as a low voc paint. You can also find paints with zero volatile organic compounds to ensure you have the best indoor air quality. Latex paint is often considered the best interior paint because it provides great coverage and allows you to get the job done with fewer coats. These have a low odor and great coverage, and consider latex as the best interior paint. Some of the top latex paint brands include Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore and Behr Premium.

Oil Based Paints

Oil paints can be used for cabinets, furniture, and molding. However, oil based paints can be bothersome to the eyes and skin. Oil based paint is a thick paint and does have a stronger odor when compared to other paints.

Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paints also has its place when selecting interior paint. It has more flexibility and elasticity, which means it is less prone to cracking and chipping. Because of its ability to expand and contract, it is typically best for the exterior as the weather changes.

Interior House Painting Tips

A house is a place to live and even if we just call it our home, we want that place to be beautiful and comfortable for us and for the people we love. This is why when you decide to paint your rooms’ interiors, it’s important not to let yourself get lost amidst all the choices available on the market.

Of course, choosing the finish is only just the first step. There are many other things to consider when painting the interior of your home or business.

The style of your house and the other furniture inside it: not only do they have to match your interior paint, but also you mustn’t make the room look too minimalist or too crowded. That said, you have to understand what type of interior decoration is best for your home and choose a paint color accordingly.

The amount of light in the room

 If there are more windows than usual, then you may want to opt for a lighter shade as dark colors can make the room look smaller and more gloomy. In the case of rooms with very little natural light, it’s better to choose deeper tones that will help create a more cozy atmosphere.

The size of your house

Even if you’re planning on painting just one room alone, it’s important to think about how the color will look in comparison with the entire house. This is why you have to consider the size of each space and their relation to one another when choosing interior paint for your home.

The number of rooms in your home

If your house is pretty big, then you should know that darker colors are suitable for hallways, living rooms, dining areas, and bedrooms while lighter tones are better for bathrooms, kitchens, entryways, and closets.

Tips for painting the kitchen

Choosing a color for your kitchen is a very important step since it will be in frequent use and will constantly be filled with steam from cooking, so make sure you pick a color that can stand up to daily wear and tear. We recommend deep and colorful tones that will stand up to the dirt of a fully functioning kitchen, but still provide the energy and excitement a kitchen should have!

Tips for painting your business

Painting the interior of your business? Consider choosing vibrant colors that will bring energy to the workplace. We’re not saying painting the walls royal blue will make your business the next Fortune 500 Company, but some studies support vibrant colors increasing productivity!

Keep in mind, these are all suggestions and by no means absolutes! We will always be glad to consult and help you color select, but at the end of the day, the decision is yours! Feel free to go against the grain and paint your spot whatever you think is best!

When is the best time to paint your house

The best time to paint your house is actually during the cooler months. We know that most house renovation projects take place during the summertime, but the cool air will benefit the paint and allow it to dry properly, resulting in a much better-finished result!

However, there is one time when it would be best to avoid painting your house: Decorating for Christmas! The odors released by many paints can clash with the scents of pine trees and baked treats. Make sure that your home is free from these smells before hitting the Christmas decorations.

How to prepare your home for paint

Start by washing or replacing all of your window screens—windows should be completely dry before painting.

Scraping any paint off of your window frames that will not come off during washing – this is important for keeping the house clean and neat! Washing can often take care of peeling paint, but if it’s stubborn, scrape it quickly with a blunt scraper to avoid damaging the surface underneath.

If you have any, removing all loose wallpaper from your walls will make the process a lot easier. Ceilings and door frames should be free from peeling paint as well. Using a primer is going to create a smooth surface for your new paint, so applying it to ensure a flawless paint job is important. Sanding down any large areas of bare drywall before painting will help your paint to stick as well, and avoid bumps or bubbles. Be sure to thoroughly clean off the dust.

Should you prime before painting?

The first coat you apply should be a primer or sealer to prevent spots of water from seeping through to your wall and to help the paint stick. You always want to use a combination of paint and primer to ensure the best quality paint finish.

Fix any holes or bumps, then paint it over your entire house! People often want to skip priming, but we promise it is well worth doing. Some paints come with a built in primer. This is fine to use if you the old paint is similar to the new color you are putting down, but for big changes we recommend using a separate primer to get the best interior paint job. The best time to paint is at night because there will be less chance of the house being filled with sunlight and creating shadows on the wall.

Prep and paint the ceiling

If you have any spots of peeling paint, use a primer to seal it in, and then continue with the ceiling paint. You will need to work from the top down, so use an extension pole for your roller that reaches all the way up! It should take at least two coats, but be sure to wait between coats until they are completely dry. Keep in mind latex paint typically dries faster than oil based paint.

Be sure to apply two coats

Finish painting your walls and ceiling, then touch up any spots that might be visible after applying two coats, like around door knobs or at the bottom of doors. If you notice that any areas did not get painted while you were working on the ceiling, this is the time to fix them!

Clean up time!

Do a final check-up to make sure that no paint has rubbed off on your walls or carpet. If you notice any problem areas, fix them as soon as possible before they become permanent stains! Then all you have to do is wait for the smell of fresh paint to dissipate. It is always best to use the same type of paint you originally used on your walls, but this might not be possible if it has already been applied before you had the idea for this home renovation project. Instead, pick the most similar-smelling paint that you can find!

What are the best interior paint brands?

You may be wondering what are the best interior paint brands to use in your home. You want to make sure to choose high-quality paint, choosing cheap paint will lead to cracking, yellowing, and fading sooner than you’d like. Avoid low-quality paint and consider the best interior paint brands such as Behr Premium Plus, Benjamin Moore Regal Select, Sherwin Williams Paints, and Glidden Interior Premium, or Valspar which has its patented scuff shield technology. These paint brands all give you quality paint that is stain resistant, offers impressive coverage, has low odor, and is considered some of the best interior paints on the market. There are zero VOC paint options available and you can find these paint formulas at hardware stores or specialty paint stores.

Hire a professional paint contractor

If you are hesistant about doing interior painting project yourself, consider hiring professional painters to take on the job of applying a fresh coat. Whether it’s a brand new home or going over old paint, professional painters will ensure a job well done. We here at Philadelphia Paint Experts only use the top paint brands with low VOC and zero VOC paint options available. dogecoin mixer. cryptocurrency tumbler We help you choose your interior paint colors, and always make sure to give your home or business a high quality paint job.

If you have any questions about interior painting or you are looking for a local paint contractor in Philadelphia to take care of your home, feel free to give us a call! We look forward to hearing from you!

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